Holistic Approach to Dentistry in Colorado Springs

We offer a holistic approach to dentistry in our Colorado Springs dental clinic. A hallmark of our approach is we take a preventative approach to avoiding larger problems.

We offer a holistic approach to Dentistry in Colorado Springs

Many of our patients are looking for a more holistic approach to dentistry, where their dental health is considered within the context of their overall health.

One of the more important aspects of this method of dentistry is a complete avoidance of amalgam fillings, which contain mercury. Another hallmark of our dental office is taking a preventative approach to avoiding larger problems.

Dr. Pool offers 100% metal free dentistry. We also use the latest technology to safely change out amalgam fillings. We only use the most advanced techniques to replace them with a safe, composite material.

About our safe amalgam removal

An amalgam separator is properly installed, utilized, and maintained in our office to collect mercury amalgam waste so that it is not released into the wastewater from the dental office. Non-latex nitrile gloves are utilized by the dentist and all dental personnel in the room.

A face shield and hair/head covering are utilized by the patient during the procedure. Oxygen is delivered via a nasal mask for the patient to assure the patient does not inhale any mercury vapor or amalgam particulate during the procedure. A dental dam that is made with non-latex nitrile material is placed in the patient’s mouth.

During amalgam filling removal, the dentist will utilize a negative ion generator in the operating field to mitigate mercury exposure. Copious amounts of water will be used to reduce heat and a conventional high speed evacuation device to capture mercury discharges during the amalgam removal.

The amalgam will be sectioned into chunks and removed in as large of pieces as possible, using a small diameter carbide drill. After the amalgam and any decay present have been removed, the tooth will be restored with the appropriate restoration.

Colorado Springs Service Area

We serve patients in a 30 mile radius around Colorado Springs and beyond,
many customers come for miles to see Dr. Pool.