Best General Dentist in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs general dentistry with a woman's touch. We don't have customers, we have friends. The majority of our business is long time Colorado Springs dental patients we see on a regular basis.

Expert General Dentistry for the Long Term

To be the best general dentist in Colorado Springs is our goal, but people are our focus.

At Dublin Dental Center, general dentistry goes beyond a visit with the hygienist. It includes an oral cancer screening and a complete dental health evaluation. We will also examine your gums for signs of periodontal disease. At your regular dental appointments, Dr. Pool will offer advice on dental hygiene and develop a treatment plan to take care of any cavities or gum disease.  Dr. Pool loves treating teens and offers sealants, tooth extractions and mouth guards (sports dentistry.)

Preventative Dentistry

At our Colorado Springs dental office, we take general and preventative dentistry very seriously. While we may work with many patients on restorations, tooth extractions and prosthodontics; there is nothing more important than taking preventative steps to care for your teeth.

Every six months it is recommended that Colorado Springs residents see the dentist for a check-up and cleaning. This is also the time when the dentist will make the patient aware of any cavities, gum disease or other problems with their teeth

Another important part of general dentistry is fillings. If you have a cavity our doctor will use a composite resin, which is much safer than an amalgam (mercury) filling. The well-trained and experienced dental office staff at our north Colorado Springs dental clinic  will guide you through the process of treating cavities safely and effectively, which may include the removal of old amalgam fillings to replace them with composite material.

Please see our services listed in this section for more information on Dental Exams & Cleaning, Fillings, Sports Dentistry, Sealants, Oral Cancer Screening and Periodontal Disease.

Colorado Springs Service Area

We serve patients in a 30 mile radius around Colorado Springs and beyond,
many customers come for miles to see Dr. Pool.