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Brushing your teeth daily is an essential oral health routine. Not only does it keep teeth plaque-free, it also removes the bacteria that cause common problems like gum disease and cavities. 

There’s no doubt that brushing your teeth regularly is a critical part of maintaining good oral (and bodily!) health, but how many times a day should you really brush? The professionals at our Colorado Springs dental office believe you should brush no less than twice per day – but there are a few additional points you should know about brushing before giving your oral hygiene routine a stamp of approval. 

Insurance costs seem to be on the rise. For some, the cost increase is minimal, but for others, an increase in insurance costs can be difficult - especially if both health and dental insurance costs increase. Although there are some Colorado Springs dental care offices that don’t require insurance, having dental insurance is ideal, and it’s important to fully understand what forms of payment you can use for dental work.

In Colorado Springs, many residents are military or military dependents, so it’s important to know which dentists that accept Tricare as well! Even with Tricare insurance, things can be tricky and patients are limited to specific health care providers. Here is some information about insurance, the benefits of dental insurance, and getting dental care without insurance.

Wednesday, 09 November 2016

Should I still floss?

A daily home dental routine tends to be the same for most people: floss your teeth, brush your teeth, use mouth rinse, repeat before bed. However, some recent news reports have left people confused on if flossing is still a daily necessity for oral health.

Colorado Springs dental care professionals will likely all have differing opinions on if you should floss, so it’s important to do research to understand the benefits of cleaning between your teeth regularly. Here are some important reasons you should floss, and some of the tips for dental hygiene between your teeth.

When it comes to having a tooth pulled from your mouth, it’s not uncommon to be nervous or anxious about your dental clinic performing the procedure on you.

There are a number of reasons to have to have a tooth extracted - your mouth is crowded and your teeth can’t be properly aligned until some teeth are removed, there’s an infection or tooth decay that damages the nerves or blood vessels, or there’s the possibility of an infection that could be a big risk to your health.

Any of the top dentists in Colorado Springs should be able to perform the procedure without any problems, but how you take care of your mouth afterward can play a factor in your healing time and the health of your mouth in the future.

Dental care after having a tooth extracted is extremely important, so knowing what to expect once the extraction is done will help you to have a smooth transition without some of your original teeth.

Monday, 27 June 2016

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dental offices in Colorado Springs are here to help people keep a healthy mouth and teeth, but there are some types of dentistry that are specifically used to give people a beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry is meant to create positive changes in your teeth to give you the mouth you want.

This can mean whiter teeth, straighter teeth, cavity-free teeth or even teeth that are filed to be the same size. Cosmetic dentists in Colorado Springs can evaluate your teeth, listen to what you want done and help you in deciding the safest and most effective way to achieve that look.

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