Tooth extraction doesn't have to be scary. Learn why your Colorado Springs dentist has recommended an extraction & what to expect at your dental appointment.


Tuesday, 02 September 2014

When Is Tooth Extraction Needed?

abscess toothOne of the primary goals of any dentist is to help patients retain their natural teeth for as long as possible, hopefully for a lifetime. For this reason, preventive dentistry has become the most important line of defense against tooth decay. Chances are, your Colorado Springs dentist is always reminding you to brush, floss, and visit their office regularly for check-ups and cleanings. But no matter how well a patient takes care of his or her teeth, there are still some instances where one or more teeth must be removed or extracted.

cavitiesIf your dentist has told you it’s time to have that wisdom tooth pulled, you may not know what to expect.  It is one thing to get a few teeth filled; but having one extracted from your mouth seems more traumatic, especially one that is impacted beneath the gum line.  Naturally, any patient is going to wonder if the procedure is really necessary.  

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How Does a Dentist Remove Wisdom Teeth?

wisdom toothJust like getting braces as a young teenager has become a rite of passage, wisdom tooth extraction is very common among young adults. This doesn't mean that every 18-year old is expected to have his or her wisdom teeth removed, but it is often the best way to prevent future problems.

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