Emergency Dentist

Beak or chip a tooth? Wake up with an abscess? Learn what you should do if this happens & what to expect when you visit your Colorado Springs dentist's office.

Emergency Dentist

As a family dentist in Colorado Springs, Dublin Dental Center staff often are asked the question, “What should I do if my tooth is chipped or broken?” If you have ever experienced that unfortunate moment, you understand how it feels to chip or break a tooth.

You may have just slammed your face into the hardwood while trying to go after a ball or maybe it happened while you were eating — crunching away on a piece of hard candy or chewing a piece of crusty bread, and suddenly, "Crack," you hear it and feel it. A piece of your tooth has broken off and is now floating around in your mouth. It can be a sickening feeling when you realize what it is, and you wonder if the rest of the tooth will break off the next time you eat.

dental sterilizationIn an age where infectious diseases are a major concern, dentists are under scrutiny for what they are doing to prevent contamination and cross-infection. In a healthcare environment, cross-infection is the transfer of infection from one patient to another.

broken toothEven if you have never experienced it, the thought of breaking a tooth is enough to make one cringe. Imagine chewing a crusty roll or a piece of candy, only to find something hard in your mouth that doesn't dissolve. Then, when you realize it is actually a broken tooth, there's that dreaded fear that it cannot be fixed. But dentists have seen just about every type of broken or chipped tooth.

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